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College Gurl’s mission is to ensure that students and families are well informed about the programs, policies, and strategies that result in making the best-informed decisions around financing a college education.






Education is not an expense, its an investment!

National student debt is almost 1.3 trillion dollars.

Americans owe more in student loan debt than credit card debt.

70% of students take out loans to help pay for school.


One third of outstanding student loan debt is held by individuals 40 and older.


Family Financial Planning in Five Steps!

Providing for your family’s financial security is an important part of the college planning process. The first step in seeking a post-secondary education is financial planning as a family. Together, you can understand how much a college education costs annually and what you can contribute to you and/or your child’s education. Providing for you and your family’s financial security is important, since a college education is one of the biggest investments that one can make. For more information, check out Family Financial Planning in Five Steps!

Check Out FAFSA4Caster!

FAFSA4Caster is a planning tool on FAFSA.ed.gov that allows you to see what federal aid you will be eligible for before applying to college. Prospective students are encouraged to utilize this tool to begin to learn as what you and your family may need to do to afford the college of your dreams!

On the FAFSA4Caster you will be able to input you and/or your families’ income as well as the cost of your prospective school to identify what your potential out of pocket expense will be. Also, you will be able to add institutional and scholarship aid that has been granted to you. Click here to get more information on the FAFSA4Caster.



Choose an affordable school




Borrow what you need, not what you WANT!




Understand terms and conditions




Exhaust all resources before borrowing loans




Compare fees, interests rates, and repayment options



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