Jessica L. Brown

President & CEO of College Gurl™

Jessica Brown has been helping students, parents, and guardians successfully navigate the seas of financial aid at post-secondary institutions as a financial aid administrator. Her deep knowledge and understanding of college finance opportunities as well as the pitfalls has assisted countless individuals across the world.

She has expanded her reach to a larger audience through the establishment of College Gurl, an on-line resource to increase financial literacy amongst post-secondary students and their families.

Jessica is a graduate of Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Science Management degree in Leadership from Strayer University.

She has been recognized for her innovative ideas and communications strategies resulting in the development of programs to enhance student financial literacy at institutions of higher learning. In addition to her role as President & CEO of CollegeGurl, she is the National Spokesperson of College Financing for the dfree Financial Freedom Movement. dfree® is a transformational, lifestyle movement that promotes financial freedom through values based principles and practical approaches to financial management.

Jessica’s mission is to ensure that students have a secure financial future after graduation and parents/guardians are well informed about the programs, policies and strategies that result in making the best informed decisions around their child’s college education.

Thank you for speaking with me and my mom to help us understand how to finance my education. I truly am grateful and couldn’t be more excited about starting college. You really made an impact on me!

-Kayla, 2015 Miss Teen Virginia

Jessica you are amazing! You accomplished in two days what others couldn’t/wouldn’t do in eight months! Your professionalism, constant communication with me and attention to detail has restored my faith in going back to school. You certainly went above and beyond your normal duties.

– Sgt. Kevin

I wanted to pause and tell you thank you again for helping my daughter Gianna. My appreciation and gratitude cannot be summed up in a mere thank you. You are truly an angel that intersected in our lives at a time of need. By your example, I am committed to “pay it forward” to impact someone’s life!

– Felice

I have learned so much from Jessica about the Financial Aid process. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable about her position, always quick to assist me with a student, and has an incredible infectious personality.

– Peter, Former Co-Worker

From long Mondays to late Saturdays, Jessica’s diligence, consistent communication, and overall vibrant attitude has relieved and “saved” my team in many stressful situations. She is an exceptional individual and team member.

– LeAllen, Campus Director

This is just another friendly reminder of how thankful and appreciative I am of you. Your unwavering love and support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for just being you. You are awesome!

– Joshua

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