7 Top Financial Tips From College Gurl

Jessica Brown, founder and CEO of College Gurl, is the real deal. I was delighted to meet the Howard University graduate at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Miami Beach, where we chatted about her work—calling, really—to educate students and families about...

Student Has More Than $100k in Debt!

$100k In Debt, 1 Semester Left and No Cosigner In Sight by Yahoo Finance writer Vanessa Sanchez, features a graduating senior's financial journey paying for college and her future of student loan debt. Ashley Fleming, explains how she acquired $100,000 in debt and the...

Meet Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown has been helping students, parents and guardians successfully navigate the seas of financial aid at institutions of higher education as a Coordinator of Special Awards and Financial Services Counselor at her Alma Mater, Howard University and Strayer College University, respectively.

Her deep knowledge and understanding of college finance opportunities as well as the pitfalls has assisted countless individuals

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